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Uncertainty and Holons

Which effects has the statement of the uncertainty now on the subdivided elements of a holarchy named holons and their understanding?

The definition of a holon generates uncertainty
between internal and external viewing

Below the 4 quadrant-model by Ken Wilber has been modified, where it is made a horizontal reflection of his quadrants due to the different beginning of statics (on the bottom left) to dynamics (on the top right). In addition the outer or opposite of the holon has to be understood here not in the 3rd person but in the 2nd person, because a division of a whole must lead into I/You or We/You not I/It or We/They. Cause of the quadrant inscription this may not oppose the understanding however.
It is shown, that the individual holon-related quadrant can be described best by particle models. Accordingly the collective holon-surroundings quadrant is described optimally by wave models. The two other quadrants can be in the same way described well by particle or by wave models.

The distinction of a holon (individual) to the above holon (collective) or between the holon and his surroundings is marked in the model above as horizontal and vertical black line. Moreover the border between the use of particle and wave models runs typically as sloping diagonal (-45°) by the center of the 4 quadrants dependently to the choice of the viewing by the observing subject.

The holon-choice forces
particle models for individual viewing at the holon 

wave models for collective viewing at the holon surroudings 

Holons are statically detectable classifications, each generated by a "zero sum" (almost unchanged) of time and destination direction of its internal parts and similar to the zero points of a wave, which erase there, because of the dynamic wave superposition. The holon therefore bases on a static perspective, which is a special case of dynamics.

Also our ego-structure (body, instinct, emotion, thought, will, witness) is a holon!

Because of the uncertainty principle the viewing at a holon is typically not realized as dynamic reality behind and between it.

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