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Stop of Compensation

On the spiritual path we have the experience, that periods of calmness or stagnation alternate with periods of unrest and development, as this is not a linear way, even if a direction can be recognized. But what prevents especially in this development, are crises because of the own shadow theme. This is usually not detected a long time and still has a huge impact on the progress.

A milestone on the path of knowledge about the own shadow parts is the enneagram. In his depth and complexity it usually takes years to recognize the importance.

If you then realize, as hidden by a flash, that all your decisions in life had been made under the own character fixation, the ego structure and the fixed idea of oneself is profoundly shaken. It must be humbly recognized, that the deep shadow theme transfuses the smallest seemingly free choices and guides.

At the same time it can be seen, how every human is characterized by his type and has developed and practised for suppression of pain certain typical compensation patterns. For detailed informations see Chap. Basic Traumatization.

As reaction patterns in humans exist on an instinctive level fighting, paralysis or escape. When finally this pattern of compensation are consciously letting go or experienced, or they are removed by life, it gets really hard in the emotional experience.

Then good process work is a pain-relieving aid. A theme of the next chapters.

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