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Duality and Other Subdivisions

How can we reach this peace and this width and how does this relate to duality or partitionings?
The Bible gives us already a hint to this:

"And Jehova God ordered to humans and spoke:
From each tree of the garden you may eat as desired,
but of the tree of the realization of good and bad, you shout not eat".
([4], 1.Mos.2, 16-17; translated by author)

What thus this mean for our life?

An unreflective use of our mind to life leads to the following effect:

The quantum physics with its wave model shows us, that substance and "all", what we perceive as an apparently substance, can be understood also as energy (waves). As a simple illustrative model above is shown a distributed course of wave frequencies in an recognizable range up between the static (0) and infinite dynamics (oo) defined as an object. Our mind however can not cover this unit or this "all", because it needs parts, which he recognizes to compare and judge. Unlike a verbal communication and the survival in daily life would not be possible.
Therefore the partitioning into at least two parts (duality) is necessary, which requires a border for the separation of the two parts and assigns the parts with two terms, e.g. light / dark, soft / hard,... . Because of the assignment of terms however the meaning of a flowing transition also in the subranges will be already forgotten. Instead the two parts of a duality are understood gladly as fixed points or contrary states. Finally and that is the most disastrous step, the parts will be judged with the label good (+) and bad (-). This additionally adds an emotional allocation, which is defined
usually directly with the terms luck and misfortune, coupled in consequence in principle of a correct and wrong side.

This creates in people suffering experience and therefore the mystics of all religions have said, that the aim in life for a human is becoming aware of the unit with everything.

"Jesus said to them:
If you make the two to one and
if you make the interior like the exterior
and the exterior like the interior and
the upper als the lower
and if you make the male and the female a single,
so that the male is not male and the female is not female,
then you will enter into the kingdom. "
(Gospel of Thomas, Log.22 in [12]/p.27; translated by author)

It is pointed out additionally, that instead of duality sometimes also more complex partitionings are used by the mind, which appears more optimally in an even allocation as prime number distribution. Known are here particularly the following models:

Prime Number Usage

2 Duality ([1]/p.192)
3 Enneagramm types <3x3x3> ([5])
5 Bio energetics characters ([6]/p.476-477),
chinese elementes
7 Chakras ([6]/p.326),
scale (heptatonic),
ark types of soul <7x7> ([7])

Thus the presented spiral model in the center begins symbolically with a partitioning in duality (ying-yang), which is the cause and the starting point for a following development.

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