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Evidence Models

The 4-quadrants model was developed by Ken Wilber for imaging all known disciplines a holarchy for each quadrant [2]/p.59, while at p.11-52 model AQAL is explained and in Fig.16 the currently known 12 levels of consciousness are identified .

The existential shadow themes of the social instinct, the sexual instinct and the instinct for self-preservation are both known in the enneagram [5] as under- or subtypes as well as existential access named by A.H. Almaas  [16]/p.205-213).

By 12-dimensional expanded unified quantum field theory of Burkhard Heim such holarchy is exactly specified in the fifth dimension X5 as energetic organizational structure [21], which can be set with the above levels of consciousness in relationship.

Statistical analyses for the distribution of states and levels suggest a uncertainty between these considerations, because in the evaluations of the test persons there were detectable either high status or high levels [15].

With the applied quantum cybernetics by Andreas Jell [15] the meaning of the 12 dimensions by B. Heim is described in detail for human beings.

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