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Disturbance and Healing

What means a disruption of this energy flow in humans and how does it starts?

In human beings lead old injuries, fears,... this means negative experiences, as in the previous Chap. Chapter Duality and Other Subdivisions described, to static linking of a corresponding event with a negative evaluation and the attempt to prevent a repetition of the same, see Chap. Basic Traumatization.

Therefore, if a certain situation, emotion, experience,... this means a certain wave spectrum is oppressed, it is build figuratively a wall around the human core, which prevents this wave or frequency spectrum to swing and flow. To prevent swinging, energy is required for blockade or deletion and is missed in other areas. This shows particularly the tendency to lower consciousness, fatigue, energy disease, and so on.

Even more exciting is the question, how can healing then take place or be supported?

Closer examination indicates, that if the blocked "missing" frequency parts, that does not flow and should not swing, by allowing (1st option) or particular increasing from inside (2nd option) or outside (3rd opton), this often leads to a breaking and/or flooding of the blockade. The experience, that the old injuries are no longer existing, are replaced by a new experience and this dissolves the old and negative assessment of this situation or frequency. This allows the particular frequency to swing and flow, so the blockade and attenuation of energy is released. This is perceived by the person mostly conscious.

Any old injury is healed at the moment,
if the past solidified experience
is completely letting go and

at the moment a similar,
but now different happening situation
will be freely admitted.

It should be mentioned, that the energy conservation theorem is also valid for a mental healer, because delivering energy in the system is not lost and still flows back to him. However they also need time for retreat (calmness, meditation, ...), to support a replenish.

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