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Evidence Uncertainty

Also spiritual masters formulate enlightenment or awakening as a target for the seekers ([14]/p.31-35) and thus work by focusing on dynamics.

Especially the institutional religions, which are located on the consciousness levels of Wilber at level 4 til 6 ([2]/p.272-276), formulate appropriate destinations for the support of a change and advancement of humans (4: rules, rituals; 5: Mercy, singularness; 6: sympathy for everything, love of everything).

It is remarkable among other things also in the religious area, that all different development levels report especially the confirmation of their perception (e.g. pray fullfilling, healing events, etc.) and that these obviously be confirmed. Under the criterion of the uncertainty principle always a detailed view at the nearer looked area will be confirmed, and the other area cannot be recognized because the uncertainty principle opposes ([25]/Chap.2).

The uncertainty principle of Heisenberg from quantum physics between place and impulse or duration and wave
is almost scientifically proofed ([10]/Chap.3.6). This is described in physics so as complementarity ([10]/Chap.7.1 +7.2).

The systemic psychology particularly tries not to focus toward the static problem but to work out a destination and/or a perspective and follows this impulse ([9]/p.124) whereby the painful experience is taken out of focus and therefor it is looked on change.

The self-fulfilling prophecy suggests, that expressed and spoken sentences can have influence on the dynamic development of life ([25]/Chap.2/p.37/block 2).

Specifically the psychological constellation work with stones or people by Bert Hellinger, which is based on a systemic (wave) model, optimally captures the relationships of collectives such as families or companies to develop problem solutions ([9]/Chap.4.5/p.70/block 3, [26]/Chap.13).

Sociology and economics:
Destination agreements instead of criticism and focus on a problem are relevant means of the personnel management for optimization of the working processes in enterprises ([13]/p.188).

Statistical analyses for the distribution of states and levels related to AQAL suggest a uncertainty between these considerations, because in the evaluations of the test persons there were detectable either high state or high levels [15].

Biology and healing:
Positive thinking, healing meditation and mental healing aim at the increasing of the healing chances by increasing of the body-own defense forces by mental destination ideas [6], [22].

The mental aspect is recognized in the meantime also by parts of the conventional medicine as a relevant factor ([12]/p.349-360).

In applied quantum cybernetics in [23] by Andreas Jell the impact of human mental abilities to the material world is explained based on the 12-dimensional model according to Burkhard Heim.

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