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Development Levels

If we regard now a spiral concerning her new dimension, we recognize that there are similar circulations on different rings or levels. This recognition is often called development levels in the individual and collective psychology of development, which were determined in over 300 analyses at science.
I would like to point here particularly to the important and integral arrangement of 12 consciousness levels by Ken Wilber, taking over his level division (column 1-2) and extend the meanings of the levels by my own aspects (column 3-6+9). Furthermore, I add in the appropriate column 7 and partially column 8 the meaning of the 12 dimensions by Burkhard Heim and at column 8 (X9-X12) also of the applied quantum cybernetic by Andreas Jell:

Surprisingly, the 12 empirically determined levels of awareness of the development psychology or spiritual insights by Ken Wilber (6 outer levels -> 6 internal levels) corresponding to 12 physically-mathematically calculated dimensions (6 material dimensions -> 6 spiritual dimensions) by Burkhard Heim even with detailed consideration. Thus it can be assumed, that the arising awareness of the people will discover the 12-dimensional world on the level development and they try to integrale its meanings stepwise.

In contrast to the approach of Ken Wilber it must be assumed a finite number of 12,stages, because of the duality approach see. Chap.
Dualtity and other Subdivisions combined with the Chap. Integral Perspective Pyramid and the symmetry approach from the model of B.Heim [22].

Starting from a duality consideration a first duality between material (energy-tainted) 1-6 <> mentally (without energy) 7-12 can be recognized at column 7. Each of these dimension area is again divided into a 3-dimensional space 1-3 and 10-12, as well as controlling or informational areas 4-6 and 7-9.

The last column in the levels of consciousness associated personal relations and the existence of 12 levels are based on the 6 fundamental dualities of subject / object, spiritual / material, holon (1st person) / holon surroundings (2nd person), singular / plural, personal / neutral (3rd person) and transceiver / information are in the Chap. Integral Perspective Models in detail derived and interpreted. Additionally in the Chap. Integral Perspective Table a detailed description of the consciousness levels is given. 

In my opinion each human being do not go inevitably consciously through these levels. Rather it becomes help by the society til its own level (Europe typ. 5/6) and here by the education of the children going through preceding levels. Because of this, some perhaps even many borders of these levels are overcome. Starting from level 7 and anyway at level 8 (means 2nd tier) the particular human then tries to get aware of remaining borders, usually supported by a spiritual teacher, and live their letting go .

Each level can be seen in the presented model as individual circulation of the spiral, or also as one of several steps to the overcoming of a border on the way to a new level.

Cause of the treatment and passing through the preceding levels, borders (means shadows) will be overcome and gradually the world is experienced less "dark", so in the sketched model the spiral is becoming a more thinly drawn black line.

Thus also in the spiral model a way to much more width arises.

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