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Basic Traumatization

From the primary enneagram [20] can be deduced, that the birth sequence and especially the traumatic experience at a particular time of the birth process is decisive for the formation of one of the 9 enneagram types.

So the following relationships between enneagram type and the biggest traumatic part of the birth process exist:
Because of the especially traumatic experience during the birth process with the placenta, the head protection or the expulsion period, it will be established a thereby successful experienced reaction pattern (exaggerated > blocked > imploded) as basic structure and forms protection mechanisms, which are described by the theory of types.

From the transpersonal psychology by A. H. Almaas we know additionaly, that for each of the 9 types there exist 3 basic instincts, which use different perception perspectives. These are the self-preservation, the sexual instinct and the social instinct [16]/p.205-213. Presumably this subtype is fixed with respect to the types mentioned above, even after the birth process, since it is precisely the social type based on the experience with other people (possibly hospital staff), especially if you do not run out of karmic influences.

Because the embryo or the baby at these early childhood times has no conscious entity that could integrate and process its horrible experience, the foreclosure at this time is the only possible action. At time of birth an absolute lovingly protection mechanism.

As a disadvantage by such security mechanisms is created an unconscious separation of consciousness from the essential divine core, because the traumatic experience covers like a filter or blocked energy large areas of access and separates from the experience of unity, of which the Christian mystics talk as unio mystico.

In the following chapters is shown, what traumatization causes in detail, and finally how the slow realization of human allows gradually dissolve the protective layers slowly, melt off the traumatization and regain contact with the divine essence or love, to finally completly merge with her


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