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Integral Perspective Models

This chapter presents based on the above recognitions and the 12-dimensional model (space R3=X1-X3, time T=X4, control S2=X5+X6, informationn I2=X7+X8, spirit G4=X9-X12) of the expanded unified quantum field theory by Burkhard Heim a new and simpler integral perspective model of consciousness, that combines the 5-parted model AQAL of Ken Wilber to a compact model.

The new perspective model of consciousness can be figured three-dimensional named Integral Perspective Pyramid IPP (see picture below and extra chapter) or accordingly two-dimensional named Integral Perspective Table IPT (see special chapter).

This is based on usual human perception in 6 main dualities of subject (conscious observing X11) / object (world X11-X1), non-energetic (mentally X12-X7) / energetic (physically X6-X1), holon (1st person X9+X5+ X1) / holon surroundings (2nd person X10+X6+X2), individual (X7+X2+X1) / collective (X8+X3), personal (1st +2nd person X6+X5+X3-X1) / neutral (3rd person X8+X7+X4) and communicator (transceiver X12-X9+X4-X1) / information (X8 X5) Only when all dualities be omitted by human nonduality X12 can be experienced.

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