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Integral Interactions

The above explanation of dualities and thus the formation of at least two holons in addition to the previous topic of information exchange now also leads to the topic of interactions.

What statements can be made by integral consideration of different disciplines about interaction between individual, below simplified two holons (with polarity and motion) at an integral view?

It should be noted, that in principle there exists two different effects at an interaction of poled objects (humans or poled particles). The forces and interactions can lead either to attraction or repulsion of holons.

Overall 4 cases are arising, which depend on the ratio of dynamic movement (directed or undirected) and static polarity (equal or unequal polarity/charge/...) , which lead to these effects.

Closer to consider is now the ratio of the movements. If the movements lead in opposite directions, which the lower two fields in the model explain, the movement direction nearly erases, which is inside the above holon a nearly static case for the objects (the lower two cases).

Both the human pairing and the electric polarized forces develop the most powerful forces in the close-up range. Analogous to electromagnetism, the gender or other polarized or charged properties (chakras 2 to 6) are consider as field generator in point or spherical shape. According to the electromagnetism the poling forces then act in subject to 1/(distance squared) and are therefore stronger nearby.

On the other hand can be detected at far range both in the human group formation as well as for electrically charges a stronger influence of the interests/activities or movements. Analogous to electromagnetism the chain of chakras could be seen as a dipole emitter whereby the dynamic forces are thereby depending on 1/(distance) and are therefore higher in the far range.

Viewing of polarization for close-up interactions

Viewing of polarization and motion
for far interactions

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