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Meaning Information Flow

The model of information flow is always dependent on the selected holon choice.

Outside of the holon in a particle view there exists to the next holon a transfer
at maximum with speed of light. This will be used mainly in the simple close-up range and will be interpreted as a directed effect.

Within a holon at wave view the principles of wave theory and thus a wave superposition is valid, which already exists at any time in any place. This means, that a superposition is present throughout the experienced reality and thus a complex interaction of everything to everything exists. This takes place as a non-directional interaction, that is mainly used in the complex far range.

We all are connected
indissoluble with everything
by a wave superposition

When we look at this wave flow of information with regard to healing, it can in principle be determined for life:

Healty = Information flow

Sickness = Information blockade

There are 5 levels (of healing), where the information flow of life streams through, namely spirit, mind, psyche, vegetative, substance. The cure is controlled by sense orientation from higher to lower level.

Totaliy life appears as an infinite flow of information, that flows from the spirit into the material area and is never lost and is looking for her compensatory way.

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