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Healing Levels

As shown above, the blocked and so sickening areas can be dissolved or broken by a conscious releasing of blockades or by an overflowing of them.

With regard to the different human levels of perception and control (body, vegetative, psyche, mind, spirit), described in the model by Burkhard Heim at the dimension X5 as physis, bios, psyche and pneuma, it becomes clear, that a healing method can start at any of these levels.

The following table shows an overview of the healing levels and treatment approaches:

As described by Burkhard Heim, these vertically oriented layers exchange permanently information, whereby it is important, that the leading control always runs from the higher to the lower layers.

Based on his 12-dimensional model results in the spiritual or divine life flow through the following levels:

G4 (Spirit, X12-X9)
I2 (Mental filter programs, X7+X8)
S2 (Energetic control, X6+X5)
=> (Through time T, X4)
R3 (Material world, X3-X1)

Thus, the highest controlling and thus sense making level is spirit. This gives its mental non-energetic control information to the mental program level. Here this divine information is blocked by collective and individual mental filters (ego-structure) partially, which is the highest and most powerful blockade or cause of disease.
If we do not wand a certain event in life because of a corresponding mental blockage, the result is on the emotional energetic level an unpleasant feeling. This means nothing more than a energy interruption on the psychological layer.

Over time, this blockade finally acts on the vegetative layer and there leads to vegetative and organic diseases.
So it is understandable, why especially a healing process at deeper layers often only bring short-term relief or cure, but in the long term the destructive program produces a corresponding or similar illness again.

Therefore in principle for a comprehensive healing it should always be uncovered the mental blockade (program of ego structure), so make aware, what is blocking the actual divine mission, Simultaneously on all cure layers it should be targeted to a resolution of blockades. Thereby especially the lower layers physis and bios as small holons can be supported by intensity and proximity.

From the integral view of spiritual healing methods and the applied quantum cybernetics by Andreas Jell with the 12-dimensional model by Burkhard Heim finally it becomes clear, that in an optimal way the following combined treatment conditions have to come together:

G4      X12 Knowing all is possible
          X11 Aware recognition of a blockade
          X10 Destination about a free state
          X9 Will to change
I2       X8/7 Release all doubt
S2      X6/5 Allow a positive emotion
T        X4 Hold on time
R3      X3-1 Acting in destination direction

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