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This website is intended to give all interested parties useful models and practices at hand to assist them in their awareness path. This way then leads to the inside, into the meeting with their own deep fears and old injuries.

Continuing along the path of searching for truth consistently, you will not remain in this uncomfortable and repressed truths, but below you will find access to the essential divine aspects that there always waiting for you.

This means thereby not demarcation but integration of all parts, which being splitted off consciously or unconsciously and separate from life. I encourage everyone, who is searching, to continue the way into the inner experience.

The integral movement, which emerges in the last years more strongly, wants to make this conscious and wants to support the development for integrated human beings.

I am very interested in feedback or impulses to the following topics and I am pleased about the possibility of a world-wide discussion, which makes the Internet possible only since short time. Therefore the generally interesting areas of the homepage are formulated in German and English, while local services are only written in German.

The author
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