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Interesting is the fact, that in Christianity very early trinity exists, means a triparted division of the divinity ([4],Matt.28,19). This points to an early insight into the different possible experiences of the divinity in this world.

Eine genauere Betrachtung dieser Trinität bestätigt dies auch:
  • 1st person:
    Holy Spirit: The experience in the interior, that is gentle and experienced as female (Ruach). Acting as a birthing pulse flooded with love and showing pure energy.
  • 2nd person:
    Jesus: The model for the devotion to life and the own vocation. In humility he accepts life from God and also points to the divine in the counterpart. All people are called children of God' to follow his way.
  • 3rd person:
    Father & Creation: The higher divine principle (Lord) in the form of the male universum merged with the female principle of creation flow.
Observing the integral development levels, see Chap. Development Levels and Integral Perspective Table, these three faces of God inevitably change:

The following stages starts here at level 4, because there the world religions including Christianity have developed:

Finally the Christian Lord's Prayer is set in relation to the further above described 12 dimensions in the theory of Burkhard Heim, which shows, that the sequence of prayer corresponds to the sense-oriented meaning of the 12 dimensions:

G4 (X12-X9) → I2 (X8 X7) → S2 (X6-X5) → T (X4) → R3 (X3-X1)

Lord´s Prayer:
X12 (unit father-human) Our Father, which art in heaven,
X11 (IS consciousness – name of God: I am, who I am) Hallowed be thy Name.
X10 (SHOULD destination) Thy Kingdom come.
X9 (intention) Thy will be done

X6-X1 (material level is destination) in earth,
X12-X7 (spirit level ist source) As it is in heaven.

X5 (programming level – instinct: survival anxiety) Give us this day our daily bread.
X6 (programming level – emotional) And forgive us our trespasses, As we forgive them that trespass against us.

X7-X8 (programming level – mental imagination) And lead us not into temptation, But deliver us from evil.

X12-X9 (spirit level) For thine is the kingdom,
X8-X7 (programming level) The power,

X6-X5 (energetic emotional level)and the glory,
X4 (time) For ever and ever.
X3-X1 (So it is – at material) Amen.

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