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While our focus in human life is heavily directed on static elements (security, property, ...) and their interpretation, but longer life experience (wisdom) and also the quantum physics will lead us to the knowledge of constant change. Thus we experience both the everyday reality and our inner soul flow as a steady change. It remains to acknowledge, that the static view gives a helpful contribution to human live. However, I want to point out, that the statics represents only a special case of the dynamic view.

This arises in our minds because of the formation of holons due to their zero-sum (= 0) in terms of time and direction. Thus, the internal parts means the holon are recognized in calm and without movement. So in the infinite evolving holon chain of a holarchy this is recognizable for each holon. Infinite dynamics between the holons and statics considering a holon alternate, so we make a duality experience of static and dynamic because of holon choice.

In the case of extending the holon limit to infinity, all of reality must be understood as a holon or a unit due to the above considerations, which can be experienced as static means calmness. A property, that the mystic paths of the religions have predicted for a long time. How can we translate this into our lives in practical terms, show the following chapters.

In any case, it is finally to discover, that our mind can form every focussing and so boundary. So our mind creates holons. Cause a higher perspective outside that subdivision in holons is always possible, the consciousness is on a higher level than each duality.

So only the awareness remains

as highest regardless dimension,
which merge in nonduality into

Conscious-Being !

Less is more

and nothing is all.

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