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Integral Life Practice

After identifying the basic principles and conditions from the perspective of new integral models in the preceding chapters, for every single person the question arises, if and how it can support the development in the width and freedom in his own life.

As demonstrated above, the interactions and the flow of life are basically applied to develop and impact.

So what can we do?

Ken Wilber has shown in his book "Integrale Spiritualität" ([2]/chap.10) an integral life practice, which designates modules with core themes of body, mind, spirit and shadow. Each of these modules are then assigned to possible practices, that support this development.

I point out, that this is again a subdivision of life, which impedes more an integral experience of life.

Therefore from my experience an mostly integral, not subdividing life practice is necessary and vital for a modern implementation. I therefore recommend a new form of meditation and life practice, which I call Integral Contemplation and which is described briefly below. In addition, supplementary actions and aids in the other sub chapters are described.


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