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How can we overcome now this described, emotional valued partitioning of life and particularly an according border?

If we look at our past experiences in life more near, we can recognize, that we go through certain phases, which can be described as follows:

State - Crisis (RED):
Usually a crisis is the condition in our life, when we begin to analyze ourself and look for changes.

Proceeding - Recognizing the Border (GREEN):
First step after the occurance of a crisis, shows itself by fighting, resignating or getaway, is to recognize, that we are in a crisis, because we drew a border between desired state and current life state. Thereby necessarily this discrepancy has to be made permanently aware in us.

State - Awareness (BLUE):
If we succeed, we can recognize consciously for this topic, that our desired conception does not agree to life and a crisis exists only because of our negative evaluation.

Proceeding - Acceptance (PURPLE):
A next necessary step is the aware accepting of life, as it occurs. Acceptance can contain either a letting go and an accepting of an outside not changeable border (e.g. death, partner separation, etc.) or an overcoming of an internal border (fear, unsafeness, prejudice, etc.).

State - Being (YELLOW):
By this acceptance we become free from our fix desire or conception to this situation and we can flow with the life in the state of "being" completely without resistance in relation to the overcome theme.

Flow - Life reflects Border (ORANGE):
Finally life will confront us without planning and effort with another situation, in which an other own border not worked out yet, is reflected by a new crisis.

These phases of a circulation are also contained in the sketched model in the background as spectral-coloured circle sectors, which are crossed by the development of the counter-clockwise direction.

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