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Practical Support

It is important to realize, that we have access to an absolute reality in us. This unchanging divine truth can be experienced by every person and brings those of us so eagerly searched essential qualities as peace, tranquility, security, safety, love, etc. as a facet in itself. By pain, instincts, emotions, thoughts, and lack of awareness these ongoing possible experience is overlaid and obscured. But there are proven methods to walk forward:

Body-Awareness Exercises (useful from level 3):

Body Scan or Integral Contemplation (body level):
Basic and an important foundation is to develop the ability of perceiving the messages of our body (pain, pressure, discomfort, tension, blockages, ...). Tis is a practice of sitting without doing by full perception of all bodily feelings without using the higher emotional layers and layer of thought. At unpleasant bodily feelings can be exhaled deeply.
-> This trains the perception of bodily feelings.

Emotions-Awareness Exercises (useful from level 5):

Monitoring Exercise:
What immediate but also fine emotions (anger, sadness, fear, ...) can I recognize actually in my body or body part.
-> This trains the mindfulness and awareness of internal states.

Integral Contemplation (emotional level):
It is a practice of sitting without doing with full observation of all bodily feelings and with full perception of all emerging emotions without using the higher level of thoughts. When unpleasant emotions arise, they are accompanied with a deep exhalation.
-> This connects with the inner world of emotions and can finish emotional blockades. It also opens new ways and perspectives in the everyday reality.

Liebevolle Zwiesprache® (as couple or single exercise):
This process work optimally provides support for accompaniment and solution of acute and strong emotions particularly from basic traumatic violations.
-> Solves old emotional blockages (reservoirs) and leads into the width, allowing all current emotions to arise and finish.

Access to Essential Qualities (useful from level 7):

Integral Contemplation:
It is a exercise of sitting without doing at full perception of all bodily feelings and emotions and perception of quality in the emerging gaps between the thoughts. Occurring thoughts still relate to emotional or physical blockages, which are yet to be solved.
-> This relativates the identification with the personal ego, thus facilitates the releasing.

Liebevolle Zwiesprache®:
A single or couple exercise to accompany and solve acute emotions til enabling essential experiences.
-> Dissolves old emotional blockages (emotional reservoirs) and thus provides access to essential experiences.

Working with Enneagram:
Discover the own shadow as our firmly positioned character type.
-> Awareness of our character fixing and what this says about our longing and our path to overcome it.

Access to absolute Reality (effective from step 8):

Integral Contemplation:
Exercise of sitting without doing with full perception of a relaxed body feeling, pleasant emotions, thoughtlessness and the underlying essential experiences in steady moment before finally admitting of falling into the bottomless void.
-> This integrates all separeted inner parts and delete at the end the identification with the personal self-identification in time and space.

Stop of Compensaton/Everyday Meditation:
Surrender of all defense mechanisms such as fight, flight and distraction in daily life and loving acceptance of body, instinctive and emotions experiences as steps to further awareness of all shadow parts.
-> Allowing activations everyday and processing by process work

Partner Exercise:
15 minutes continuous questioning and answering to "Who are you?" and directly afterwards to the question "Who are you now?"
-> Runs in the timelessness of the present moment through constructive employment of the mind and focusing on what is always there and our very essence, namely pure consciousness.


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