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Evidence Information Flow

Spiritual masters have no fear to spend energy and life, because they know, that everything flows back. The existence provides them with everything, they need ([14]/p.191). Because they see the blockades in other people in difference to their own controlling of corresponding vibration, they can send this frequency to the ill person ([6]/i.a. p.173-176).

By energy transfer also masters get shortly in an energy deficit, so they typically regulate this by retreat opportunities (meditation, silence, etc.), which is common practice to enable a refilling of flowing energy ([8]/Chap.4).

On the one hand, the electromagnetic transmission and other transmission waves from the physics are known, which are limited to a maximum speed of light ([10]/p.23+Chap.2.1). The wave theory and quantum physics are also sufficiently scientifically documented and form the base. On the other hand the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paradox reveals, that between two before connected and than separated particles an immediate information about the state of the one is possible, when the state of the other is determined ([10]/Chap.6.3).

In addition for a closed system the conservation of energy is known, that means the total energy remains constant ([17]/p.222) and also the entropy theorem (of warmth) exists, that means processes of differences in nature lead to a complete mixing and so to a maximum of entropy ([17]/p.240-245).

The quantum physicist Burkhard Heim has formulated a 12-dimensional expanded unified quantum field theory, which confirmed in addition to a material also a spiritual reality. This theory shows a sense-oriented control from the spiritual level over a mental program level and a energy control level down to the space/time. A flow of information on the levels and therefore an interaction can be taken from the corresponding holarchy in the dimension X5 by Burkhard Heim [21].

In transpersonal psychology are hole experiences (old injuries) covered by compensations (blockades), which suppress the essence (free flow of energy). A consious break through and allowing of the bad experience leads to liberation and essential experience ([14]/p.131-137).

In the systemic pastoral care by a fictional question "What would be, if you break through the blockade?" exactly the input of not-swinging information is sent ([9]/p.130).

The integral consciousness levels indicate socially and psychologically overcoming of traditional blocking, this results by the superposition principle from children up to the level achieved in the majority of society and thus leads to a statistical bell distribution ([3]/p.135, [13]/p.119-129).

Rupert Sheldrake named a so far unexplained phenomen "Morphogenetic Field", which now can be unterstood as a superposition of undirected acting information of a genus or species, who have a particular development behind them, and where information is transferred without genetic or sense transmission [18].

Also position work or family constellation works by choise of positions with superposition of the (human) bodies, where ones the place and closer up also the direction of bodies so the transmission direction are effective ([9]/Chap.4.5/p.70/block 3, [26]/Chap.13).
Sociology and economy:
Leaders as a result of the knowledge of integral business typically are chosen a half til one consciousness level above the leading group, to stimulate the development of the company, without being too strange to them ([13]/Chap.6).

The loss of inner balance manifests itself in the body as a symptom until disease. This indicates, what is missing ([12]/Chap.1+7).

For homeopathy is well known, that the information to the carrier is transmitted by shaking/mixing, what can be understand by my recognition with the directed close-up effect of substance to the carrier material. Due to the superposition substance similar pattern and repetitions increases the identical characteristic information of the substance, in contrast to impurities or variations. Due to the subsequent dilution, the formation of a purer wave information or frequency (spectrum) is supported. Taking the characteristically dotted carrier into the body results than to a strong superposition in close-up range ([27]/p.8-10).

With acupuncture and acupressure at TCM, energy blockages are stimulated again through the impetus given to meridians or chakras ([26]/Chap.5).

In particular, the Russian spiritual healing methods [22]/p.201 are working with mental destinations in connection with positive emotions.

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