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Evidence Interactions

While on the far range similar environments, groups, etc. are attracted, we will go through a confrontation in the direct encounter (close-up range) with opposite positions and thus in touch with our crises. The spiritual masters often formulate, that existence gives us, what we need for continuing to grow. Life has in there experience an intelligence and acts as a major power with a pulse of creation, which we can not simply escape ([14]/p.41-42 +115-117).


The physical laws of electromagnetism are the base for the above considerations. The polarized interactions in the form of forces (charge) are formulated by Coulomb ([17]/p.419), while the polarized-moved interactions ([17]/p.444-445/polarity+movement) are formulated by Maxwell ([10]/p.23).

Psychology, sociology, biology, economics:
Similar humans or animals, who are oriented to move in the same direction, attract themselves, which leads to the formation of normal groups (species, breeds, clubs, interests, ...) ([18]/p.275-310). But personal contact (relationship, sexuality, ...) then strongly attracts in the close-up range, because of the differences between the chakras ([6]/Chap.14).

People attract unconsciously events and diseases, that they do never want, so exactly the opposite undesired poles ([12]/p.110-117).

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