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Integral Enneagram

Considering all 3 enneagram teachings together in conjunction with the transition process image, the question appears, why a peculiar deformation of a point symmetry in the area of types 4-5 is recognizable. The literature also indicates, that the types 4 and 5 are closest to the theme of "death" [5]/p.367. At least a mirror symmetry to the vertical exists in the process picture, while we would expect point symmetry as a geometrically perfect solution.

By primary enneagram the birth sequence is traversed in the order of the types of placenta experience 2>3>4> head protection 5>6>7> expulsion 8>9>1. Death from symbiosis with the placenta and therefore the absolute existential emotional death is located as a loss experience between types 4 and 5. This absolutely traumatic experience is obviously suppressed and from this moment correspondingly oriented stress transitions 2>5, 3>6 and 4>7 must be avoided, which will result otherwise as process sequence with three equilateral triangles.

To be able to connect all 9 experiences anyway, stress and consolation transitions are allowed, which ignore or circumvent these traumatic transitions. This means, that only an equilateral point symmetrical triangle remains in the process transition 6>3>9 but in the reverse direction with respect to 3>6 means 6>3. So the death experience is bypassed through a reverse direction, while the other anticipated two triangles be changed in a mirror-symmetrical hexagon, circumvents the transition.2>5 by 2>8>5 and 4>7 by 4>2>8>5>7.

With a common view of the 3 enneagram interpretations in compliance with the above explanations it now can be explained and justified, that the cure perfect state (of fully enlightened, no more traumatized people) ultimately creates a point symmetry with three equilateral triangles as process transitions, because avoiding the separation experience 2>3>4>5>6>7 by the placenta (= death experience) no longer needs to be maintained. There is then the possibility of awareness about the emotional pain of the first death experience..Depending on the severity of the traumatic birth experience then this deliberate sequence 2>5>8 (embryo in exaggerated mode), 3>6>9 (embryo in blocked mode) and 4>7>1 (embryo in imploded mode) can be permitted, and requires no more fixed reaction patterns (fight, paralysis, escape).

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