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Private homepage with general informations and local services for pastoral care, meditation  instruction and spiritual accompaniment  (no trade and no industry).
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29/07/2009 Homepage online
 English navigation + corrections

28/01/2011 New: Chap. Integral Perspectives models (til) Meaning models (and) chapters Integral Devine (til) Practical Support (and) sub Chap. Spiritual Support (til) Lovingly Dialog; and corrections

29/01/2011 Corrections

11/03/2011 New: Chap. Courses; side navigation; addition: Chap. Integral Perspective, IPT, Meaning Models; and additional corrections

18/08/2011 Addition: Chap. Integral Perspective, Development Stages, IPT, Practical Support, Literature, Courses; and additional corrections

22/11/2011 Addition: Chap. IPT

11/01/2012 Corrections

16/02/2012 Addition: Chap. Courses

21/04/2012 Addition: Chap. Integrale Perspective, Courses; and additional corrections

06/04/2013 Corrections Chap. IPT

12/03/2016 EXTENSIVE REVISION of many chapters: Adjustment to the 12 dimensional expanded unified quantum field theory of B. Heim

08/05/2016 Addition: Chap. Development Levels, Integral Information Flow, Holarchy Quadrants, Integral Perspective Table, Integral Contemplation; many new photos; many corrections

24/05/2018-06/06/2018 offline
07/06/2018 New: Chap. Privacy Policy; Correction: Chap. Impressum; and adaptions
10/06/2018 Addition: Chap. Home, Result

Important Note:
All the explanations given on these pages are for information purposes only and are not intended as a guide to self-recognition and self-treatment of disease. They can not and should not be a substitute for examination, treatment and advice of an experienced doctor, especially if you are sick. Necessarily look for a doctor of your choice, when you are sick or feel sick to get therefore professional advice and treatment.

For completeness and unintentional errors as well as the correctness of the data no liability can be taken over.

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This explanation is valid for all sides of this homepage and the attached links.

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The rightfully disputed passages or parts of these websides will be removed within a reasonable time or with the legal requirements completly adapted, without the need on your part to involve a lawyer.

This also applies to citations: If you are author or his executor and don´t want to be cited, then please inform me by email or telephone. Items, falling under your copyright, will be deleted immediately.

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