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Meaning Uncertainty

The realization, that we must expect for all partitionings of life with a uncertainty, illustrates the limitation of the mind, perception and measurement procedures for grasping life.

Duality creates uncertainty

Because we as human beings prefer gladly the status quo and our security, we tend to the preference of the static viewing and its models in life.

Especially the model of the uncertainty square by holon can be taken as an assistance for our daily life to move the dimensions aim to destination and time more into the foreground because nothing remains, like it is.

The view on intented destination and time

starts motion

It is important for inner collective interactions in systems e.g. family, society, ... to use the systemic wave viewing (i.e. constellation work by B. Hellinger) and also look at outer collective and inner individual themes with this viewing, in order to better grasp life in its whole width.

In the end all is a dynamic flow

in the all including static infinity

All holons i.e. all terms and borders are arbitrary selected by human beings, socially partitionings of a whole to serve communication by speech and thus surviving in the daily life. To the importance of communications and interactions and other levels of experience see the following chapters.

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