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Religions and Science
With notice of the preceding subdivisions the eastern and western ways of spirituality and the modern western theology and science are related in the following way:

  • 1st person:
    The eastern religious paths (Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism), which are not conducting in their deeper meaning of a divine counterpart, have attempted to allow especially by long traditional exercises (Yoga, Zen, Vispassana, ...) access for each individual to this divine experience.
  • 2th person:
    The western religious paths (Judaism, Islam, Christianity), each conducting from a divine counterpart (Jahweh, Allah, God), have a focus of their teaching in the devotion to the divine counterpart.
  • 3th person:
    By western scientific approach a neutral point of view to theological understanding and spiritual processes has become possible, which has developed a scientific theology and a transpersonal spirituality.
Integral spirituality [2] designed by Ken Wilber has put together these 3 different viewing angles to form an overall picture, and teaches us, to respect all 3 human perspectives, because these are not contradictory but complementary.

The common recognition of all 3 personal viewings by the consciousness delivers the integral recognition of life, thus of all, that is. This leads ultimatly to the experience of nonduality in the ceasing of all separations, what the mystics of all religions and awoken transpersonal teacher are reporting.

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