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Meaning Models

The following table shows the difference and the development of integral AQAL model to model IPP/IPT.

It is important to recognize, that because of the uncertainty principle both the view of states or perception layers as well as levels provide only a partitial true statement about reality. Both perspectives describe the same core and form a equal important statement. So it exists a direct correlation between the perception layers and levels.

Perceptible are exactly 12 levels and 4 states

(based on 9 perception layers)

Although states consider only the personal perception perspective and so no time and and no deeper traumatic blockades, but they point to the spontaneous dynamic possibilities of our experience in the world. However levels can detect the stabilization and integration of experience, but they submit to time and fix sequence.

Important for human development is not the choice of one of these perspectives, but to recognize, that both have their importance, with balanced advantages and disadvantages.

Regarding to the effects on life it is completely independent of the perspectives choice more important to experience every level of perception completely and in all its depth, to resolve shadow issues (see Chap. Integral Contemplation
) and life experience in its fullness.

The stepwise full perception

of each layer or each level is conclusive

not the choice of perspective

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