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Integral Perspective Pyramid

The above described models of the triangle for the holon ot consciousness and all basic dualities also of the 4 quadrants for material holarchy (holon-chain) and a spiral development of consciousness through 12 dimensions build a model of the Integral Perspective Pyramid IPP to represent basic human perception including becoming conscious.

The following diagram illustrates the geometric origin of the three-dimensional model based on the above principles:

By this the subdivisions of the usual human perception based on 6 basic dualities can be geometrically unterstand. There will be subdivided into dualities of subject (conscious observing X11) / object (world X11-X1), non-energetic (mentally X12-X7) / energetic (physically X6-X1), holon (1st person X9+X5+ X1) / holon surroundings (2nd person X10+X6+X2), individual (X7+X2+X1) / collective (X8+X3), personal (1st +2nd person X6+X5+X3-X1) / neutral (3rd person X8+X7+X4) and communicator (transceiver X12-X9+X4-X1) / information (X8 X5) Only when all dualities be omitted in a human nonduality (white sphere X12) can be experienced.

Therewith the cardinal numbers 3 - 1 - 2 - 2 - 4 determined by Burkhard Heim can be ascribed clearly geometrically to the use of basic dualities.

Now if the human consciousness development is added in the above derived graphical elements, we arrive at the below shown, new model called Integral Perspectives Pyramid IPP. Here the human consciousness is figured in the model as the appropriate path (yellow arrow), which passes 12 levels. After the material world (R3=X1-X3) and the time (T=X4) gradually the etherealy levels (S2 = instincts X5, emotions X6; I2 = thoughts in dividual X7, collective X8 ) will be discovered, to merge after the knowledge of the will X9 and the destination image X10 and the pure watching of the conscious witness (top of triangle X11) with the nonduality (white sphere X12).

Thus a simpler and more comprehensive model of consciousness in terms of AQAL is formed, which the next chapter with a two-dimensional implementation of this pyramid IPP in the table IPT shows, that allows much more information content.

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