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Holon Triangle

Fundamental are the divisions of reality (object) by mind (spiritual level) into dualities, see Chap. Dualities and Other Subdivisions, and also additional the possibility of conscious observation of duality from a higher viewpoint (main duality). This relation can be shown most simply in a triangle as follows:

This conscious consideration from a higher position (main duality: X11 / X11-X1, thick dashed line) can be done for any dualities also the 5 basic dualities (thin dashed lines), namely the aforementioned important subdivisions in non-energetic / energetic, holon / holon suroundings, individual / collective, personal / neutral and communicator / information.

In the case of nonduality the subdivisions of main duality (subjective watching <=> Object) and all other dualities rejoin and create a unit, which is symbolized by the comprehensive white circle.

Thus results for the model IPP (see special chapter) in the triangular forming as side parts of the consciousness pyramid for illustration of the conscious viewing at the.dualities and the extensive sphere as a representation of nonduality.

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