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Uncertainty Statics Dynamics

This has extensive consequences for our experience of reality, which is more near described below for the case of the uncertainty principle between statics and dynamics:

The 12 dimensions based at the model by Burkhard Heim are added with the meaning of the dimensions X12-X9 of applied quantum cybernetics by Andreas Jell. It is evident, that all of reality can be divided alongside to spirit (no energy) / physics (energetic) also into statics (blue) / dynamics (red) and allocated to the 12 dimensions.

From the named sources it can be seen, that controlling (yellow arrow) flows between X12-X10 and X3-X1 and the transition from static to dynamic range occurs through the dimensions X10 aim, X9 will and X4 time.

It is obvious, that in life static aspects (X12-X10 mental space, X1-X3 material space) and dynamic aspects (X9 aim, X8-X7 mental programs, X5-X6 energetic control, X4 time) simultaneously exist and alternate because of observation. If the balance is lost and one side gains the upper hand, a problem in people arises, as in Chap. Integral Development Spiral has been described as a crisis. Mostly humans tend based on habits and experiences mainly to static concepts. And so they loose the sight on the dynamic events and special requirements.

Statics/dynamics are related
to the uncertainty principle

We should recognize, that our strongly on statics aligned life is especially influenced by dynamics, so dynamic models will help us sometimes in a better way.

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