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Evidence Spiral

Ken Wilber shows in chapter 2 of [11] the division of reality through human perception. To the book "Integrale Spiritualität" ([2]/p.95) by Ken Wilber it was referred already several times, where a spiral development is likewise figured, and Fig.16 shows the 12 development levels of consciousness.

Richard Stiegler speaks in its book "Kein Pfad" [8] from the recognition of evaluation (chap.3) and of acceptance (chap.2) of all as it is.

Also systemic spiritual care ([9]/p.214) shows the starting of changes because of crises also graphically.

Quantum physics together with their wave consideration is building the base for a understanding of energy and wave function. Inevitably the division of our reality and their understanding as a purely static substance or objects is untenable ([10]/Chap. 3.4). Rather it exists a dualism between waves and particles ([10]/Chap.3.5).

The physicist Burkhard Heim has calculated a 12-dimensional enhanced unified quantum field theory, which has material and spiritual dimensions, see [21].
The destination of all therapeutic methods is to overcome inner borders and the integration of the shadow, wherein each of these starts at different borders ([11]/fig.1). This leads to an enhanced awareness ([12]/Chap.15).

Sociology and economics:
Management consultation in the book "Spiral Dynamics" [13] proves also statistically the development in the form of steps and mentions a spiral in chap.3. Also Ken Wilber describes in his book "Ganzheitlich handeln" [3] in the chap.1 likewise a spiral.
Movement in nature exist on closer inspection not straight but only as waves and spirals. It can be seen e.g. on the base of a water vortex in contrary to the reaction of a presented spiral, that for the solution of the consolidating problem a new dimension into depth takes place and so the leaving of the vortex is made possible [own nature perception].

Often only when pain or other messages of the body have increased so far, that they can not be ignored, the path for a solution is searched ([12]/p.118-124).

In applied quantum cybernetics by Andreas Jell [23] the meaning of the 12 dimensions by B. Heim is further specified in terms of human use.

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