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Integral Perspective

New Integral Models and Approaches
Based on Interdisciplinary Considerations

(Spirituality, Quantum Physics, Psychology,
Sociology, Biology, Economics and Healing)

***   NEW   ***

Adjustment to the 12 Dimensional
Expanded Unified Quantum Field Theory
of Burkhard Heim

Main Topics:

1. Integral Models
Starting at the subdivision of life (Chap. Integral Development Spiral) based on dualities and the hence following uncertainty principle a new perspective model IPP/IPT of awareness arises, which upgrades the model AQAL by Ken Wilber (see Chap. AQAL-IPP/IPT) and rests on 12 consciousness levels (Chap. Development Levels) and describes the development of consciousness in humans.
In the Chap. Integral Enneagram the 3 different approaches of typology, processing theory and birth interpretation are connected to a new deeper understanding of the process transitions due to birth traumatization.

2. Holistic Meditation
Traditional forms of meditation latently lead by ignoring the perception layers of body and emotion to a dissociation of these human qualities, which requires because of there sitting blockades from the basic traumatization separate shadow work and is moreover contraproductive for stable experiences of essential qualities, cause it forms more thought buildung. Therefore a new holistic Integral Contemplation is presented, that overcomes this deficiency and leads to a full perception and a sinking deeper through all the perception layers.

3. Local Offers
Locally there is a possibility for attending in various groups and courses and the offer to dialogs as psychological consultation / spiritual accompaniment.by the manageress (Chap. Leadership) or as teaching of holistic meditation by the manager (Chap. Leadership). Thereby i.e. the method of Liebevolle Zwiesprache® as an emotional "tool" can be learned or used.

Holistic Meditation

begins as an exercise
and leads to a lifestyle ,

which aims gradually
to consciousness
of all perception layers,
to discovering at the present moment
the experience, devotion and recognition
in the whole depth
and to be finally One again.

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